Book Reviews

Actor Bruce Campbell offers an engaging master class in schlock (The Washington Post, 09/02/2017)

What climate change looks like, from the seat of a bike (The Washington Post, 07/13/2017)

A great pun is its own reword (The Washington Post, 06/16/2017)

‘Vulgar Tongues’ is pimped out with the dopest research (The Washington Post, 05/31/2017)

One millennial’s extreme adventure in adulting (The Washington Post, 05/19/2017)

Bike to the office? Big deal. This writer biked the Iron Curtain Trail (The Washington Post, 01/19/2017)

Spelling errors to wet your appetite and furl your brow (The Washington Post, 10/25/2016)

‘Alive, Alive Oh!’: At 98, Diana Athill is still far from the end of her story (The Washington Post, 02/25/2016)

In ‘Between You & Me,’ a copy editor explains the uses of usage (The Washington Post, 04/23/2015)

Originals by Adam Grant (The Residential Specialist Magazine)

The Happiness Track by Emma Seppälä (The Residential Specialist Magazine)

Boardwalk of Shame? (The Residential Specialist Magazine)

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